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A workshop that will help you learn how to think like a PM about your own career trajectory.

  • Date: 1/21/2022 12:00 PM
  • Location Online Event


Feeling stuck on a career train you’re not sure if you want to be on? Trying to break into product management for the first time but not sure where to start? Great at what you do but find yourself frequently jumping in to work on the “next shiny thing”?

Women in Tech Global is excited to offer you a workshop with Lisa that will help you learn how to think like a PM about your own career trajectory: Find problems you care about solving, tap into the unique things that make you, YOU, define your product career North Star, and create a roadmap to get there that gives you guardrails while being flexible enough to incorporate continuous learning and discovery. 

About the Speaker

Lisa is the Founder of Conscious Product Development. She cares about solving meaningful problems and likes to create “somethings” from “nothings”. She is a product consultant and coach and specializes in early-stage product development and working with startups. 

She has led development efforts to ship software and hardware products and developed sizing and fit systems to support bringing wearable technology products to market. 

Previously, she worked at Google and was part of the North team that brought Focals, the first smart eyewear that look like regular glasses, to life, invented a motion capture suit to be used for sports and ergonomics, and developed a piezo-resistive force-sensing system to measure grip force during slap and wrist shots as a biomechanics researcher working with Bauer Hockey. 

She has been through several startup incubator and accelerator programs (Techstars Boston 2016 Cohort, District 3 Innovation Center) and learned a hell of a lot along the way. 

In a past life she was a journalist, working as the Head Writer for Canada for the CrossFit Games, developing science/factual documentaries for Discovery Channel and National Geographic, writing for the Montreal Gazette, and as an athlete playing on the McGill Martlets women's ice hockey team for five years and winning 3 National Championships. 

She lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and one day she would like to go to space.